There is so much discussion about climate change nowadays and yet we continue to ignore the subject even if it affects us directly, not that we know what that means as we continue in our old ways.  The early morning caregiver got stuck in the field, rather in a snow bank I should say.  Andy came out with the faithful snow blower and freed the poor woman.  Actually, the evening caregiver had no difficulties but, since he has to work until late in the evening, he is worried.  A ray of sunshine from Alberta came our way with the arrival of David and almost no one was present for the evening service, again because of fear over the weather.  We have lived through this many times in the past and I am sure that we will live through this blip as well.  Lija sent a most interesting photo taken at a Spanish airport of a Tim Hortons Coffee Shop and all that I can say is that a cup of  Tim Hortons coffee never disappoints one.  Good night, dear friends, and let us see if we can survive the blessing of the water, the triple immersion in the stream and all the other events that will take place tomorrow.

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