While I am on medication, Vladika Lazar does not like to leave me alone, so when he had to go into Vancouver for a PET Scan, Father Moses came to baby sit with me.  Well, perhaps it was not so much baby sitting as old people sitting which I really enjoyed because under ordinary circumstances I would have been on my own and Father Moses on his own in the Konak [monks’ quarters].  Reader Irinee drove the Jeep, a vehicle more comfortable for Vladika than a sedan.  And, believe it or not, I think I had only one telephone call during the entire day.  And no, this is not a hint for more personal or telephone calls. On the whole, a day with few, or no calls, can be restful.  A while ago I mentioned to Vladika Lazar that I could not think of anything to write and his reply was simple, “People seem to enjoy reading whatever you write, so keep on letting some of the daily life here at the monastery be revealed to all, even if it seems to be dull and boring.” I am also getting used to the new keyboard which seems to have a mind of its own which is most noticeable when I have to make corrections.      

One thought to “FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER 2019”

  1. Vladika, I hope you have had a restful day :) I’m struggling with some technology that’s new (to me at least!) as well. The struggle is teaching me perseverance, hard work, and humility. I hope Vladika Lazar’s PET scans will turn out to confirm good health and pray for the doctor’s wisdom.

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