The visit by Steve from Chicago and David from Edmonton last night, no matter how brief, was such a great joy and I am certain that it enabled me to have a restful sleep because I was awakened suddenly by one of the care people who caught me off guard, not knowing what to ask them to do for me.  Later, the supervisory nurse and a care giver came to set up a special programme for me.  At first I was hesitant to take part in it, but my hesitancy quickly vanished and I am sure that I will be looking forward to their daily visits.  In the afternoon there was a gentle tap on the door and in walked Stavroula whom we have not seen in almost a couple of years. The lost treasure pieces were found and we quickly completed the jigsaw puzzle. Anna dropped in to see us but found that we were asleep and did not wish to awaken us.   That was such a kind but unnecessary act as we were anxious to see her.  Tomorrow, then, we shall be having a gathering of the flock, much like the Arctic swans that are gathering on their way south. 

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