Daily Diary, 9 April, 2020

Today has proved to be a warm and sunny Spring day. There are a number of birds flying about and there was even a squirrel sitting atop a large granite rock. I was going to take a few photos of the animals but shall save these for later.

In the meantime, it has been possible to take several photographs of our two camellia trees. These were Vladika Varlaam’s favourite flowering plants and have beautiful blossoms. This particular couple has deep pink blossoms with the centre approaching red and the outer blossoms a very light pink. It is an unfortunate characteristic of camellia plants that they blossom only for a short period of time, rather like the life of humans; they might be beautiful but don’t last very long.

After completing the photographs, I decided to return to the kitchen for another round of “cooking boldness”. In this case, the subject was instant rolled oats but with the addition of frozen blueberries. I have blended the oats with popcorn to add a tasty crunchiness as well as added nutritional value, and am considering the use of dried apricots. A second delight is buckwheat kasha which is also easy to make and nutritious, though it has not much flavour unless a person adds something to it. These two I could eat for the rest of my life without ever tiring of them.

Work on learning more about the sewing machine continues. Although this machine is an older model, it is still rather complicated and is taking some time to learn all the ins and outs of how to use it. At the present time, I am learning how to remove and clean the area related to the needle and still struggling with the adjustment of the tension on the threads. It can be frustrating but is also an excellent way to improve the skill of patience and possibly, long suffering.

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