Daily Diary, 10 April, 2020

I was up at 6:30 this morning, in order to take my first medication, and, to get photos of the sunrise over our beautiful mountains. One of the reasons I chose this morning is that there is a nearly full moon and it is still clearly visible at sunrise. It is pleasing to announce that I got a really good photo of the full moon which was behind a large and tall cedar tree, but clearly showed through the evergreen branches. I don’t know if the photos will be posted but, if not, just imagine a brilliant white/gold ball, glowing through the lacy green branches of the tall and wide spreading cedar trees. It is almost possible to imagine the branches melting from the brilliance of the glowing lunar orb, though that doesn’t actually happen.

Once again, the spirit of culinary adventure captured me and so it was back to the kitchen to see what kind of mixture was possible. Today, the food of choice was again instant oatmeal but this time, chopped, dried apricots, mild taco sauce and peanut butter were added. The apricots and taco sauce make a delicious combination and the peanut butter was just that much extra. I should add that I’m not really sure if the sauce is called “taco sauce” but that’s what I call it. It is a lightly spiced tomatoe sauce with little chopped vegetable parts (onions, garlic, bell peppers). It goes surprisingly well with dried apricots, though it might be better on buckwheat kasha than oatmeal. Well, that gives me something else to try.

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