Daily Diary, 29 May, 2020

Today has proved to be another hot and humid day. I promised not to complain to the diary sooo, that is all to be said about the weather.

Again, there was time to work on sewing some repairs to a couple of shirts and I am bagging some clothes that someone had given to me long ago and which I never have used. If any of the thrift shops ever open, these can be given to them so that they are used, rather than just thrown away.

One thing that I find so painful is seeing people waste anything. Even here in Canada, many people have the strange concept of just “throw it away and get a new one” attitude.This applies to clothing, food, home appliances, just about everything. I grew up very poor so even though we are not supposed to be attached to “things”, when you grew up without “things” you tend to value them when they are available, and you want to make good use of them; after all, didn’t God call us to be good stewards of the earth and all that it offers?!

It is hard to believe that the week has passed so quickly. Although today is Friday, it feels as though it should be Wednesday so where has the time gone? I have heard that this is a sign of getting old but that is not of much comfort.

I see that it is getting late so I shall close the diary entry for another day and go next door for a large and delicious glass of Inka with cashew milk.

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