Daily Diary, 28 MAY, 2020

Today is the feastday of the Ascension so we are no longer greeting one another with the Paschal greeting. We did celebrate the Liturgy for the feast this morning and it went well with Archbishop Lazar and Fr Shio serving, Fr Moses chanting and Vanya serving in the altar. Following the service, we did have tea in the kitchen, which was nice. Olga brought some triangles which have lemon filling and I guess they are a kind of dessert pirog; any way, they go well with tea.
It was possible to work on some icons and, in fact, varnish two more of them. I was looking over the icons in the church and was more than a little surprised to discover that some of them have not been varnished. This I don’t understand.
Close to 60 of The N.A. people came today but much earlier than the meeting, started a fire in the fire pit, since they must meet outdoors now, and stayed until it began to get dark. Someone brought their dog and it was continually howling while the people were here. Don’t know what was going on with the dog but now that it is gone, quiet has returned and it is fairly peaceful.
It is nearing time to take a tea break (or an Inka break) so I’ll sign off until the next diary entry.

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