Daily Diary, 29 March, 2020

Today the diary has some interesting news to report. A small group of people came today as individuals, to light candles in the big church. As well, they dropped off a good size parcel of a variety of foods, including buckwheat kasha, and delicious canned fruits. One much appreciated item is a container of canola oil, which is to be used for the lampada in front of the “Joy of Canada” icon, and which Fr Moses marked, “Not for Cooking”.

This morning, Archbishop Lazar served the Obednitsa (Typica) in the big church. Fr Moses was supposed to serve as chanter but since there was very heavy rain on Saturday and the loss of electrical power a number of times, his alarm clock didn’t go off at the proper time on Sunday morning. This loss of electricity is not life threatening but is a continual inconvenience and also serves as an excellent reminder that we are not self-sufficient (by “we”, I mean all of us), but depend on God and what He provides for us.

It seems that our tractor has once again decided to not cooperate and so has been in the repair mode for most of today. I just spoke with Andy and he has nearly completed the repair process and should have the machine running soon. Good job, Andy.

As this note is being typed, the sky is darkening, silver and grey clouds are sweeping across the sky and it appears that we are in for another wet and stormy night at the monastery.

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