Daily Diary, 30 March, 2020

Today I was able to sit at the table and carefully peel a large, navel orange. Those of you reading the diary are probably asking yourselves why this is worth putting into print.
I wanted to relate the fact that often in life, the simplest gifts can also be the most pleasurable and meaningful. Back to the orange.
Often I have no sense of smell but today my sense of smell was functioning so when I collected the orange from a bowl, it seemed like just an ordinary eating experience. Then I began to notice the beautiful shape of the orange, not exactly a globe, and covered with gentle bumps on the surface and what a beautiful colour. Next I began to dig into the surface to get to the actual fruit and the scent immediately hit me, how magnificent. How does a person describe the scent of an orange? It comes from the oil of the outer peeling, it comes from the fruit of the orange and fills the air with a wonderful and delicate odour.
My next experience was of breaking the fruit into segments and thinking, “Imagine that oranges are made in perfect bite size segments, perfect for snacking.” How many people even think of this or appreciate it.
The topping of the experience is in the actual tasting of the orange. Again, how can it be described? How would a person present an accurate description of the taste of an orange? This was such a simple pleasure but also one to again remind us of God and some of the wonderful experiences that He can share with us when we are calm, take the time to share this activity, and have actual appreciation for what it is.

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