Daily Diary, 28 July, 2020

Today I got a bit of a surprise which was also a reminder of the continuing heat: when I attempted to pour milk into my glass of Inka, what came out was like clumps of cottage cheese. Since I often have no sense of smell, I couldn’t tell if the clumping was due to the milk being bad or if it was just the cream floating to the top. To solve the question, I tasted the Inka and it definitely was a combination of bitter and sour. Sadly I disposed of it and added the spoiled milk to our septic system.

Due to the heat, once again I didn’t leave the building during the day because it was unbearable. I did, however, wait until the shadows had begun to fall, which was at 20.00, and finally went next door, to the kitchen, to have something to eat. Tanya had made a kind of stew which consisted of lentils, quinoa, mushroom caps and shredded onions so this was my meal. There was still coffee from Sunday so I had a glass of it with coconut milk in order to feed the stomach and make a delicious ending to the day.

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