Daily Diary, 29 July, 2020

This has proved to be another sultry day with no breeze to cool things down. Once again I stayed indoors and worked on the proofreading which was completed today and so now I am ready for the next section.

For a while I hadn’t been working on the picture frames so today went back to working on matching frames with icon prints. Thankfully it has been possible to rescue a large number of colour icon prints from discarded books, from magazines, church calendars and quite a few catalogs which advertise church supplies. A person might be amazed at the places where reproductions of icons appear.

Today I found the Thesaurus that I had thought was gone. A thesaurus is an extremely handy tool to use when you want to write and express exactly what you wish to say. In English there are so many alternate words that might be used when writing to express subtle meanings. Although I have a large vocabulary, it sometimes is not possible to recall the exact words that I would like to use and so the thesaurus saves the day. Losing it was almost like losing a good friend and finding it was both a relief and pleasing occurrence.

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