Daily Diary, 27 July, 2020

Today was a bit difficult. It began with the usual Moleben and 40 day memorial prayers. Then I had to spend some time on my face because I got a sunburn. Even though I had taken precautions, such as an umbrella out on Sunday to stand under during the Liturgy, put on sun screen, I still got burnt and had to put aloe vera on my face, forehead and neck. As I have mentioned before, I don’t take the sun or heat very well and being in the heat causes me to feel rather nauseous.

It was quite hot at the monastery so I didn’t leave my abode, didn’t even go next door to the kitchen because it was just too hot. You are probably asking, “Gosh, what did Fr Moses do all day if he didn’t leave the building?” Well, I spent a good part of the remainder of the day doing proofreading which is a slow process requiring a good deal of patience. Not only is it necessary to check if a word is misspelled (Canadian, American, British English) but also the punctuation and sometimes the computer deletes a word or two and these have to be added, or sometimes a word deleted. It is also necessary to check the quotes in the manuscript material with quotes from the Bible, to ensure that the quote is correct. It is also necessary to take occasional breaks because proofreading is a bit hard on the eyes and eye fatigue can cause the proofreader to make mistakes.

I just finished making a cup of tea because it is too hot to eat much. I also have some delicious mango juice so can return to my work before retiring for the evening.

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