Daily Diary, 26 July, 2020

Today was the celebration of the “Joy of Canada” feast day. The Matins and Liturgy were served outside in an area that had been set up for the purpose of outdoor services as well as a place to honour the Theotokos as the “Joy of Canada” .

Mitcha and Nianna stationed themselves at the front gate to welcome visitors and to also pass out face masks, and take their temperatures in order to ensure that no unhealthy persons caused any contamination of the area.

The celebration began with the reading of Matins which was followed by the Liturgy. As the service progressed, the outdoor temperature rose and, to be honest, it became rather uncomfortable. Thankfully, there is a grove of trees flanking the little chapel area and this became a shelter for those attending the service. With the shade and a slight breeze, those attending were able to pray in relative comfort while those in the sunny areas simply had to “grin and bear it” as the saying goes.

Following the service and the final blessing, the majority of those attending bade farewell to their friends and fellow pilgrims and departed for their homes.

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