Daily Diary, 26 May, 2020

This day has proved to be quite spring like with sun, and a gentle breeze creating a cool atmosphere. This afternoon I had the opportunity to have tea with Andy who was eating lunch after a number of hours of work in the field.

Again I was sorting through a number of boxes of picture/photo frames and was able to spot several more that are proper for several large icon prints that I’ve been saving. For some time we have been attempting to educate people on proper and canonical iconography so I have been collecting and saving as many as possible to present as gifts or “thank you’s” in order to encourage the appreciation of proper icons. Many people don’t want to purchase icons, or they have images which were brought from “the old country”, and even if they were willing, it is not that easy to find iconographers these days. As a result, icon prints are one way to acquaint people with the appearance of proper iconography.

Just a day ago, it was possible to reorganize a reliquary cross that had a non-canonical crucifix attached. This brings to mind a problem that plagues the Orthodox Church: improper iconography and art works. Sadly, much of this stuff is sold in monastery gift shops which makes it all that more difficult to teach people what is and is not proper.

On that note I shall sign off with the formal, seasonal greeting, “Christ is Risen!”

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