Daily Diary, 24 May, 2020

This day we celebrated the feast of Sts Kyril and Methody who were missionaries to the Slavic speaking people. These are two of my favourite saints so it was a joy to read the Canon in their honour. Saturday evening I read the Vesper service in the big church and Archbishop Lazar read the Zoom Vespers, on his computer, with many of our parishioners.

Since Archbishop Irinee has requested that we continue with the social distancing routine, there was not a Liturgy today but only me reading the Obednitsa. We did have a few visitors at the monastery but they were careful to keep their distance and the visits were mostly short. A number of people asked permission to go into the big church to light candles and say private prayers which we were happy to see them doing.

Archbishop Lazar is a bit “under the weather” at this time so is not able to receive visitors of any kind.

Not really anything else to report to the diary so this page will be closed with the usual greeting of the paschal season, “Christ is Risen!”

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