Daily Diary, 25 July, 2020

Another warm and sunny day with hordes of mosquitoes!

The day began with reading the prayers for the reposed in the morning, then taking my medication and preparing for the day.

Liudmila and Dima are visiting and were busy clearing away Morning Glories around the property. Liudmila made lunch but my phone wasn’t working and I didn’t receive any of her calls for lunch. No matter, I was working on a project and didn’t want to stop until it was completed.

Father Markel called to ask if we might have the evening Vesper service at 18.00 due to problems with traffic. The result was that we had Vespers just a bit later which I was hoping would make it cooler during the service: I was wrong. I was so uncomfortable during the service but have to say that the service itself went very well. Matushka Raissa sang with me and Fr Markel is getting so much better at serving and it is so pleasant to serve as a chanter for him.

Following the Vesper service, Father Markel mentioned briefly that we needed to set up for the outdoor Liturgy and the serving of the feast of the “Joy of Canada”. To be honest, I didn’t even know that tomorrow was the feast since it is not listed on the calendar we use for keeping track of the daily saints and Gospel readings. Any way, Father Markel, Nianna, Matushka Raissa and Dima set up all the necessary items for the service tomorrow. Along with the liturgical items, were surgical masks and Nianna brought a marvellous mechanism for measuring whether or not people have a temperature. It is infrared technology and so very accurate and the kind used by medical facilities to alert patients of bodily fever.

After this, we sat down for tea and a snack and a bit of chatting. Then it was time to bid one another “Adieu” and depart.

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