Daily Diary, 22 June, 2020

This was another sunny, hot and humid day. With it being dry and warm, this seemed to be a good time for a bit of photographic exploration. One of the natural beauties was the various plantings which three ladies have been enthusiastically working on for the passed month or maybe even more. There are bright golden California poppies which seem to do very well here in our B.C. summers along with the huge hydrangea plants.

I am still not sewing for various reasons, one being that there are other more pressing tasks to be completed.

Someone left the downstairs door open and a large bird flew in and was upstairs creating havoc. I tried to capture it but it flew into my icon corner and upset things, then flew into the corner where it cowered behind a large box which I could not reach because this would mean having to get down on the floor. After trying for an hour to coax the bird out of the building, I simply opened the sliding doors and a large window, hoping that it would find the way out and then leave. As I type this entry, there is quiet so it seems that the bird has disappeared. This has happened several times before so maybe I am going to have to get an automatic door closer or post signs to let people know that the doors should be closed. I really am unable to understand why people come into buildings and leave the doors open behind themselves. Do they do this in their own homes?
Besides birds or raccoons or other ground hugging animals possibly entering the building, now there are tonnes of mosquitoes and with the doors open, they are now noticeably present and I have multiple bites to prove it.

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