Daily Diary, 16 April, 2020

Another fairly quiet day at the monastery. As it was yesterday, today was sunny and rather warm, though nights are still proving to be damp and chilled.

For the first time in a very long time, I saw an eagle circling the field but not landing. As well, there was some kind of beautifully coloured bird, the size of a Robin, having three different colours of feathers.

This evening, we read the traditional 12 Gospels and were joined by what I call our “Zoom congregation”, which consists of people who log onto their computers and are thus able to view and hear what is taking place within the church. Archbishop Lazar read the very long and throat testing readings and I did the singing of various hymns. It was a bit nerve wracking due to the fact that we had only one service book and have been unable to locate many of those we had so carefully printed and stored for use during the period of Holy Week. Well, that means that it will be necessary after Pascha, to do a total search and rescue operation for these books.

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