Daily Diary, 15 April, 2020

Today I received a reward for being patient. While on the computer, I found a site on sewing and the subject of this particular sewing broadcast was the subject of thread snagging or nesting, which is just the problem I have been having. It turns out that I have been loading the spools and the bobbins backwards but would never have imagined that this could cause such a serious problem. All this time I thought that maybe the machine needed cleaning or that the needle was defective or even that the user of the machine was defective; what a relief to know that none of these were the problem.

This evening, we read the Bridegroom service on “Zoom” which is a program that allows a group of people to conference or have multiple conversations. The problem is that due to some computer problems, we are not sure that the zoomers could hear us. Tomorrow we shall try it again and hope for better and more certain results.

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