Daily Diary, 14 May, 2020

This day is an exceptional day to report to the diary. It began, as usual, with the memorial prayers, then a snack and returning to do a bit of checking on how to clean the sewing machine. A person must have to be a trained mechanic in order to properly disassemble and clean a sewing machine. I did, however, manage to clean what appears to have been the necessary parts, reassemble them and continue with the repair of some shirts.Archbishop Lazar mentioned that the N.A. people were going to have a fireside meeting, around the fire pit which is near the gatehouse. The Narcotics Anonymous group is a favourite of Vladika Lazar and he always enjoys participating in the meetings. In the late afternoon, Fr Markel and Matushka Raissa called for several reasons. Fr Markel came to collect the little kit which is used for taking Holy Communion to the sick. As well, they wanted to stop for a visit and also to bring to Archbishop Lazar and myself, some food items which we were running a bit low on but were not able to go to the store and buy for ourselves. When they arrived, we arranged to have tea in the kitchen and that included Fr Shio who just happened to come into the kitchen at nearly the same time. As an added extra, Andy then came in and we invited him to join us, though he was in the midst of a series of important phone calls and had to decline. After a most welcome visit, the time had come for all to depart. We all said our “farewells” and had the chance to once again pass along the paschal greeting and remembrance that, “Christ is Risen!”

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