Daily Diary, 13 May, 2020

Another peaceful but physically overcast, super cloudy day. One good aspect of this is that the temperature was much more in my comfort range.The day began with the reading of the memorial prayers (pannikhida) and the lists of names that have been passed along at various times, including the several “40 days” requests. This was followed by a simple breakfast of a delicious and wonderful cereal which seems to be called “Flax Granola”. With today being a fast day, instead of using milk, orange juice was poured over the flax cereal, which also contains chopped and dried fruit and nuts. Then, it was back to the sewing machine where I was working on repairing the sleeves of several shirts. Near the machine is also the little desk where all my acrylic paints and various brushes rest, along with the projects that are currently being worked upon. Oh how slowly this work seems to progress! Toward evening, there was a call from Dmitri who came to pray individually in the main church. Following his prayers, we had tea and a nice chat concerning iconography, a brief mention with photos, of his pilgrimage to the Sergei Posad and environs. It was so good to see him and to know that he is now feeling much better after having a bit of a cold or flu or something (not the Chinese virus). It was wonderful to meet today’s visitors and share the greeting, in Slavonic and in Georgian, of the festal season: “Christ is Risen!”

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