Daily Diary, 15 May, 2020

Today was a perfect day for photography. People often don’t realize what a difference the various intensities of sunlight can make when one is photographing out of doors. Through experimenting with my little camera, it has become clear that the same view might be photographed under a variety of lighting and appear different and equally interesting.

To prove my point, I am also posting several views which have been photographed previously but, under subdued lighting, appear differently from before but also equally interesting and beautiful. The Azalea plants are especially interesting and with the overcast lighting, the colours are more intense and readily appreciated.

Following the outdoor photographic session, I then took several photographs of views within the church; for example, the icon of St Paraskeva with a huge bouquet before it. To end the session, I then took a photo of the iconostas which still has the beautiful floral decorations and the large, red letters, X B, to remind us that “Christ is Risen!” and that the paschal season is still being observed. Vladika lazar and Father Shio will serve the liturgy at midnight tonight and still begin the liturgy with singing the “Christ is risen” in 5 languages.

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