Daily Diary, 12 May, 2020

This day has proved to be rather quiet and fairly relaxed. For some reason we lost the use of the Internet so it is only now, very late afternoon/evening, that it has been possible to go on line to check mail and continue doing a few searches on the web, such as the use of the sewing machine, hints concerning cooking and more on English language translations of Orthodox services and literature.

Happily, we did not lose our electric power so it was possible to work a bit more on sewing. So far it has been possible to make a few simple repairs but hopefully with practice a few more advanced projects might see the light: this is an excellent example of when learning patience proves to be a helpful skill.

Father John from Moose Jaw was finally able to send a note. His old computer stopped functioning and he just got a new and super fast one so wanted to try it out and I was one of the recipients of the news. He did ask that I pass along greetings to all so, “Greetings from Moose Jaw” and the greetings for the paschal season, “Christ is Risen!”

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