Daily Diary, 13 July, 2020

It is hard to believe that already the mid point of the month has arrived. This fact, along with the two funerals we just served on the passed weekend, are excellent reminders to us of what a short period of time we have here on earth. This is one of the reasons we continually are encouraging people to learn, to study as well as to attend church, to pray at home, because when you stop to think about it, the time really is not long. All of this information is not easy to digest so it does require a good bit of effort on our part and some things we may never actually grasp but that is all right; we do what we can.

Yesterday Mr Mikhail Martynenka came to the monastery and stayed over night and made a large pot of one of my favourite soups. I don’t really know what the proper name for it is, but it is made of squash with herbs and is blended into a liquid form. Some people eat it hot but I prefer to have it either room temperature or just a little bit cool. It goes so perfectly with a large glass of Inka (or, if you prefer, coffee).

This morning, Mikhail, and some visitors and I, sat together for soup and tea and a good bit of discussion. Tanya, one of the visitors, showed some beautiful art work; some of it is completed and some of it is presently in the process of being completed. Hopefully she will email some photos to me which can be put on the diary site, or I can photograph some and then send them to the diary site. It is always a treat to find another person who is involved in graphic arts!

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