Daily Diary, 14 July, 2020

This was another hot and sunny day with more than a little work being carried out. The two most important tasks were: the Riso man came to check the printer and computer set up in the earlier part of the day, and the new heat vent was installed on my building so that heat would no longer be trapped in the area where I spend much of my time working on the computer.

In the morning, the Riso man called to ask if it would be possible to come to the monastery in order to look at the printer, which has not been in use for some time now. During our phone conversation, it was decided that he would come and would call upon arrival so that I could let him into the building. He came within an hour and a half and immediately checked out the printer and all the computer functions necessary for it. After completing this, he did an actual check by running several copies of material in his briefcase and the results were perfect.

Later in the afternoon, I was upstairs, doing some new proofreading, when I thought that I heard heavy footsteps on the roof of the building. I looked out to check and could see that a ladder had been braced against the building and that on the lawn were remnants of the metal surround of what had once been the chimney of the former kitchen area. This led to going out doors to make a further check and so I saw that a new vent had been installed on the roof, for releasing excess building heat. This new vent is shaped like a crown and acts like a windmill, spinning as the hot air passes through it. The main goal is the release of heat from the attic area of the building and it was clear to see that the new vent was working well.

The last order of business for the day was going into the kitchen and seeing what could be done. There was still the marvellous soup from yesterday and also buckwheat kasha from Sunday. Hmm, this called for just a bit of mixing, in this case, the kasha into the soup. What a delicious combination this made. Since the fast has now ended, it was also possible to make one of my favourite cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise and a fried egg. As I often do, all of this was washed down with a large glass of Inka but this time it had a bit of cream in it. What a marvellous ending for the day.

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