Daily Diary, 13 April, 2020

It is rather late in the day so this diary entry shall be short.

The majority of the day was spent reading instructions on the computer screen, regarding the Kenmore Sewing Machine. The instruction manual is amazingly detailed and complete. After reading these instructions, it should be possible to completely disassemble the machine and put it back together, though I have to say that this might require nerves of steel, which I am presently lacking.

The second event of the day was the Bridegroom Service, which Archbishop Lazar and I served this evening. Oy oy oy, there is definitely a lot of reading of Psalms and this year I am the only reader; in previous years, everyone at the chanter stand took turns doing the readings throughout the service, but this year it is not possible. It was a bit worrisome because I did the singing of the hymns and toward the end of the service, my voice began to crack, which is a sign of strain. I don’t quite understand why this should happen because I felt quite relaxed during the service and the singing went pretty smoothely.

On that note I shall close the diary page and retire for the evening.

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