Daily Diaryб 24 June, 2020

Today proved to be another hot and muggy day here at the monastery. This resulted in my staying indoors once again in order to avoid as much heat as possible and to get a bit of work done on continuing finding frames for the icon prints which I have been saving to give as gifts to people. As well, this also meant that there was time to do some searching through some video discs and old UHS tapes, in search of some historical films that Archbishop Lazar was seeking. The video was discovered under a pile of books and papers, but only the UHS tape and not the cd copy of it which had been made some time ago.

Following this, it was time to retire to the kitchen where Glykho had left a salad. Hmm, this encouraged another bout of culinary adventure. The question was whether or not to make a fried salad or to eat it as is. “As is” won the debate, though I did make a few adjustments. For one, I added a nice and ripe avocado, a sprinkle of cinnamon and black pepper and then mixed some olive oil Mrs Dash which is a salt substitute. Since we have a delicious hummous, this was spread onto some crusty rye toast and all was washed down with a large and cool glass of Inka. Tomorrow I am going to fry the same salad with chunks of tofu and chunky tomatoe sauce.

On the way back from walking the video over to Archbishop Lazar, I spotted some beautiful photo opportunities, including another rabbit. This time, I got a couple of action shots of the rabbit: standing to get a look at me, nibbling on green leaves and sitting on a large rock near the Holy Well. Once again, it allowed me to get very close and didn’t run away and so the photos are much clearer this time. You might not be able to tell but this rabbit is much larger so must be an adult, rather than a baby.

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