Daily Diary, 25 June, 2020

As much as I don’t want to repeat myself, let me say that it is hot here at the monastery and quite humid. I don’t know about anyone else but I find this kind of weather difficult to work in. It seems that all my clothes are glued to my body and as soon as I take even one step, I start sweating so look fondly at the times when the weather is cooler.

I was called to go over and unlock the door of the big church because a lady wanted to light candles and say a prayer for her father who reposed some time ago and this is the anniversary of his death. The door was unlocked and then I went to the kitchen to have a cup of Inka while waiting for her.

After she left, I locked the door and then walked back to my building, by using the ramp. While on the ramp, I took a shot of the large rock with the old marble cross that has been set at it’s peak. The cross is of white marble which is slowly disintegrating and seems to also have thin, black algae growing in spots. The rock on which it sits is a granite boulder which is also spotted with various colours of moss or lichens: green, yellow, brown, black. The boulder is shadowed by a maple which has been cut back and cut back many times but seems to return each year, crowding out the wiring that is in the immediate area.

With this heat, all the food preparation did not include use of the stove. Instead, the meal of the day was a huge salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe, chopped onion and lots of avocado. Added to this was a crispy rye cracker with that wonderful red hummous and all washed down with a tall glass of Inka. A great way to relax and stay away from the heat.

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