Today has been very quiet, but it could have been otherwise.  Andy told us that, early in the morning, he saw a bear sitting outside Vladika Lazar’s sliding door that was partially open.  If there had been some tempting aroma coming from the bedroom, the bear could easily have broken in through the screen and joined Vladika for a nap, or even worse.  This reminded me of the children’s  tale of the three bears and was it not Father Bear who said, “Who has been sleeping in my bed?’ As it happened, Andy’s dogs came running and chased the bear away.  We had a good laugh about this incident, but we must be careful at all times.  I was delighted to see Vladika Lazar taking a few steps without his canes.  This is important in his recovery, giving him hope for the future.  He is also using his right hand more, whereas before he could scarcely grasp anything.  His physical therapy has been of great help and he now can drive comfortably and do other physical things that were impossible even a few weeks ago.   

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