Breakfast this morning consisted of old fashioned slow cooking rolled oats, using a method that Princess Elena Vladimirovna Andiysky [eternal be her memory] had taught me about fifty five years ago, if not more.  She used it for preparing buckwheat kasha, but it works just as well with rolled oats.  Take a heavy sauce pan, add a little oil when it is heated, then add the oats, stirring constantly until it begins to change colour, that is, looking a little roasted, then quickly add water.  Be careful  if it is boiling water because it can fly in all directions, and keep stirring until it is ready.  Use your own judgment, but six or seven minutes should suffice.   In addition to giving the oats a slightly roasted taste, the sauce pan will be easy to clean and you will not have to leave the pot, filled with water, to soak for hours.  Sorry, this was not meant to be a page out of a cook book, but I felt that some of the readers might find it interesting and even useful.  I telephoned Minter Country Garden in Chilliwack to find out if they have sour cherry trees and, in fact, they do, so perhaps next week we shall drive there to take a look at them and, if they are suitable, we can have our own cherry orchard which should being back fond memories of Chekhov’s play of that name. 

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