Friday, February 15, 2019

This day began with the celebration of the feast of The Meeting Of The Lord In The Temple.  Even though some heat had been left on overnight, it was still quite cool in church.  Although the weather was not cooperative, a number of people came for the feast.  Vladika Lazar served together with Deacon Markel while some of us sang at the kliros and, I might say, the singing was quite good.  As with most services here at the monastery, food was prepared and heated in a few minutes so that we were able to enjoy a festive meal.  I did not realize how many Khokhloma items we have until Liudmila asked if she could borrow them to use in her art class tomorrow.  In the event that some of you might not be acquainted with Khokhlona ware, these items are made of wood, then painted colourfully in what could be called folk art, then baked to produce a brilliant golden effect. I was pleased that we could be of use to the art class.

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