Sunday, January 13, 2019

 It is always a joy to be present at the Divine Liturgy and today was no exception.  I am certain that many might consider our services to be lengthy, but I find that the time passes so quickly that suddenly it is time for Holy Communion and, shortly after, we are already reading the prayers after Communion.  The Yolka, or children’s programme was successful this year, as it always is.  The children were keen and it was obvious that they knew how to properly answer the questions that were posed. Each child received a bag of gifts and those who read a poem or sang a song also were given a book.  Later, we were present for a Vespers service conducted in the chapel by Russian Orthodox Old Ritualists, often referred to as Old Believers,  who sang in the traditional manner, at once solemn and stately, something we seldom hear, and so different than the highly westernized form that is much too abundant.  With the Nativity services in the past, we now look forward to the quickly approaching feast of Theophany.

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