Saturday, January 12, 2019

 It is Vladika Lazar’s birthday today and he has turned 78 and, in spite of the strokes and cancer operation, he is getting healthier each week.  He walks more freely and is completely independent in almost everything and, as proof, he served twice last Sunday.  People have been kind and have been sending him emails, visiting and phoning him on his birthday.  The other day, when I was at the greengrocer’s, the cashier, a young woman from India, asked me if I might tell her my age.  She was amazed when I said that I will be eighty four this summer, as in India, most people die in their mid sixties or even younger, so we do have something to be thankful for.  People came today to help outdoors and supper was prepared for us.  Let me just add this—Lija, you are enjoying your stay in Thailand, but I know that you are worrying about making sure that someone prepares us food on Saturdays.  Please do not worry as we are being taken care of.  Everyone has scattered all over the world.  Kirill and Vanya are in Malaysia and enjoying their stay there, yet worried about who might be taking out our garbage. Natalya is in Aruba with her husband, basking in the sun, while Deacon Markel and Raisa are resting in Cuba with Galina and Igor and the children.  I suppose that everyone will be reinvigorated when they return, and they will be full of energy and optimism.  

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