Wednesday, January 09, 2019

 We had two power outages which fortunately lasted for just a few minutes.  The most annoying thing about them is having to readjust the electric clocks.  It seems that some work was being done and power had to be briefly turned off.  Kirill, who is vacationing in Malaysia, is worried about our trash possibly piling up and, indeed, it was, but Andy has taken it away so now we can begin a new cycle of filling our trash cans. A great part of my day was spent in issuing tax receipts for last year.  It is a rather  lengthy and tiresome procedure, but one that is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it has been a remarkably uneventful day with nothing of interest happening, although, my second Swiss pocket knife was found.  It so happens that I have two identical Swiss pocket knives, both of them slender and of the greatest use each day, and not the kind that have everything from a screw driver to a pair of scissors on them.  Since my youth, I have always had comfort in knowing that a trusty Swiss  knife will always be on hand to assist me.

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