Saturday, January 05, 2019

 A young man dropped by this morning, asking if could chop some wood for us to which we readily agreed, although he soon had to leave because of a large tree being cut down in that vicinity and it would have been dangerous for him to remain there.  Naina tends to the perpetual burning lights in the outdoor chapel and the gatehouse.  This is most noticeable when it is dark at night and one can see the lights gently shining in the surrounding darkness after nightfall.  Many visitors remark on the complete darkness that is found here and, on a clear night, the sky is full of shining stars.  When the door to the church was unlocked and opened for Vespers, an envelope that had been squeezed under the door was found and inside was a donation.  Obviously the visitor did not realize that access to the church was available through the hall and the kitchen, but we thank the anonymous donor.

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