Sunday, January 06, 2019

 Since I am writing this entry on Monday in the evening, I have to think carefully about yesterday’s events.  You might wonder why I am late with the dairy, it is because yesterday was so full of events that my mind was still very active late in the evening and I was also extremely tired.  The Liturgy was, as usual, well attended with people coming from far and near, including a family from New Zealand.  There was not much time to rest before the evening service began, again with a large crowd.  Vladika Lazar became quite tired, as he served both services together with our own clergy and Father Shio of the Georgian Orthodox Church.  By the time I could finally rest, I was unable to fall asleep quickly, and even the old remedy for falling asleep, that is, counting sheep, did not help. This day, the Eve of the Nativity of Christ, could not have been better, giving us wonderful weather, peace of mind, and great hope for the future.

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