I was awakened early when an acquaintance phoned to say that he would like to drop in for a few minutes, so I had to hurry to receive him.  Indeed, it was a short, but pleasant, visit.  I photographed a number of flowers that were still thriving, before they succumb to winter’s cold, and I hope that some of them will appear on this diary site.  I must ask the readers of this diary not to bring us chocolates of any sort.  Yes, I know, we love them, but they are not meant for our diet and good health, so if you desire to bring something, how about some mandarins, or dried fruit that will not spoil? We shall have to have the Jeep looked at, since every once in a while, the entire dashboard lights up with warnings that can almost frighten you, especially while driving on a busy highway when the horrid thought appears of a breakdown in the middle nowhere.  Thank goodness we can at least telephone for assistance on our cell phones, but I can remember how, in olden days, one had to get out and walk for help or to rely on the kindness of passersby to assist in one way or another. 

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