My monthly trip to the chiropractor this morning might be the last one, as I am not certain that the spinal decompression is needed.  If it is, I can always return for more treatments.  This is Christmas Eve for the heterodox including those Orthodox Christians who follow the papal calendar.  I can scarcely wait until the day after tomorrow arrives, when this quasi Christian holiday is over and we can return to normal life with the anticipation of celebrating the forthcoming Nativity of Christ.  A group of friends arrived, bearing gifts, that is fruit, vegetables, juices and many other products that are always necessary.  Moreover, we had tea with an assortment of finger food, but mostly conversation over many cups of tea.  This is pleasant and heart warming.  It appears that we will be having what is known as a “green Christmas” in that we have not had any snow, and probably will not for a few days.  Meanwhile, many thousands of people are still without electricity after the terrible storm we had last week. 

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