Even though it was drizzling, we greeted today with joy, after last night’s experience without power. Much of the day was spent on appointments at the hospital, the Wound Clinic and therapy. I am glad to say that Vladika Lazar’s infection has greatly improved.  While he was being examined, I found time to visit my doctor’s clinic to get a referral to my eye specialist who is Coptic and who always greets me with reverence.  Both Vladika and I agreed that we are grateful for living in Canada where all of this is free. On the way home we stopped to pick up the mail and that is when I noticed that the restaurant, across from the post office, had its neon sign blinking OPEN. Our village of Dewdney is small, with a general store, where the post office is located, this restaurant that had been closed for a couple of years, an elementary school and, finally, a pub that had once been a Protestant Church and is now called The Church of the Blues because that is their main musical event on Sundays.  No, they do not use beer for communion, but it looks odd to see a pub in the shape of a church.  Still, it was heartwarming to see the restaurant open once again, because keeping a small village alive is not easy.  

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