For those who are wondering, *NO*, Vladika Varlaam has NOT departed quite yet… There was some confusion as we are planning for the end.

But he is close to Home now! To the life of the age to come! To the banquet of angels! To brightness and refreshment! What a long race of faithfulness our Vladika has run! I fully expect he’ll have the best of angelic and saintly midwives to receive him from our caring hands. He has been such inspiration to us and our best example of finishing the race as strong as any previous leg of the journey. Amazed and honoured to call him our shepherd.

I doubt whether any priest has heard so many confessions in Canada or would so clearly qualify for sainthood. But regardless of ecclesial opinions, none of us shall ever forget his merciful opening words in confession, inviting us to share freely: “Is anything troubling you?” Such tender mercies!

Reader Irenaeus (Brad)

One thought to “WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 2020”

  1. I wish you well Vladika Varlaam.

    Let us part as friends if possible.

    The mercy is only your’s to give but I shall ask it.

    Carl Thompson
    Your Pal! =D

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