This very brief note is to let you know the hospital called a few minutes ago to inform us of the repose of Vladika Varlaam. Arrangement for the funeral have not yet been made so please check the website where I hope a notice will be posted. I will sign off with the prayer, “Vechnaya Pamyat”.    F.Moses

2 thoughts to “THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13 2020”

  1. For Vadika Varlaam with love
    Dearest Vladika Varlaam, we wished we had more time to spend around You and … tears are now running down on my face drowning my human heart in sadness.
    I also know that we are the most blessed people in the world meeting You, feeling the most peaceful and kindest love I ever felt in my life.
    Having You as our Shepard (like Brad said) was not only the greatest honour but the deepest loving way to turn us back to a Loving God we never knew before.
    Your love for us was a God send that we will treasure for the rest of our earthly life and beyond.
    We look at your picture and we smile and cry same time. We feel like orphans but deep in our hearts we know that you will always be with us, feeling your blessed peace and love pouring over us.
    May Dear God rest you in peace !
    Naiana and Ovi

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