This has been a warm day that offered me the opportunity to prune a couple of hydrangea bushes that, if done correctly, will bloom through the summer and into late autumn.  We had many people present for the Presanctified Liturgy, many of whom stayed for a modest lenten meal that followed.  It felt good to be surrounded by such kind and believing people and I truly felt blessed.  Georgeta and Sorin are leaving tomorrow for Germany where their son plays professional football, but they will return in time for Holy Week.  We got to meet Iosif’s wife and son who arrived from Georgia last Saturday.  They came with Andrey to read an akathist in Georgian and we welcomed them to Canada, their new home.

One thought to “WEDNESDAY 21 MARCH 2018”

  1. Dear Vladyka Varlaam!
    I miss all of you so much – but of course not the cold weather which you know I find nearly intolerable. Nevertheless, I am anxious to be with all of you soon for Pascha!

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