After several disappointments we at last got  to see Vladika Lazar back at the monastery where he is reclining in his special chair at this very moment while I compose today’s diary entry.  This chair  can be used in various positions, and one can even sleep on it.  We had a thoroughly good Liturgy tonight with a large number of people attending it.  Davey took photographs of the cougars trying to kill their chickens and, if we get these pictures, we shall try to post them.  When I warned the people about the cougars, one woman exclaimed, “I am not afraid, for I am not a chicken!”

One thought to “WEDNESDAY 14 MARCH 2018”

  1. thank God Vladika is home at last. I hope to visit right after Pascha.
    Hope I can stay at the monastery, It would be a real blessing for a few days. Maybe just before Thomas Sunday, then I could have some artos, a second blessing. I miss you all, It has been almost 3 years now.

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