Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Another warm and sunny day. After reading the memorial prayers for Elena, I then went to the kitchen in order to have tea. Ludmila and Dima had left before I went next door to the kitchen. There was a surprise waiting on the kitchen counter: freshly cut slices of beets and newly picked ripe tomatoes from some of our little tomato vines. After a large bowl of instant oatmeal, then some beet slices, there was a large glass of Inka to wash everything down.Once again I returned to my large box of picture frames in order to continue matching frames to icon prints. As well, today was a day to do vacuuming since there was no time on Monday due to the celebration of the feast day and then visiting with a number of people and also taking a break in order to get a bit of rest.A number of people sent feast day greetings and so it has been necessary to send replies to them and also wish them well for the festive celebration. Even though we are presently experiencing many restrictions, it is possible to have a proper attitude concerning the feasts and to celebrate them internally as well as externally.

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