Vladika Lazar had to go to Mission to have his hearing examined, so I went with him.  While he was being examined, I sat outside in the shade with a few passersby stopping to talk to me, most of whom we are acquainted with to one degree or another.  Most of them had to tell me about the power outage that had taken place, cutting off all power in parts of Mission, Abbotsford and Chilliwack and, certainly in the area around the monastery.  Apparently a huge transformer near the dam had exploded, causing this problem.  Still, power had returned in a couple of hours.  In our absence, some visitors had come to the monastery, but they had to be on their own, and at least they could go to the church to light some candles.  About three miles from us is a small resort called Hatzic Lake where Chris, an acquaintance, lives with his relatives.  Today he went kayaking and was able to go upstream and onto our property.  He then walked in and had tea with Father Moses.  I believe this is the first time someone has come to us by kayak.

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