Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Once again we seem to be having a reprieve from the discomfort of extreme heat. For the first part of the day it was sunny then later became overcast.

In the afternoon, I returned what seems to be the last section of Archbishop Lazar’s book on the Apocalypse. At the same time, I collected a large jar of my favourite smoothe peanut butter which goes so well with sliced onions.

On the way back to the kitchen, I noticed a group of people near the outdoor chapel: George, Sorin, Andy, Archbishop Lazar and Tanya. Work is being done on restructuring the area in order to make it more suitable and workable for outdoor services. The first order of business was the levelling of the area and the construction of a foundation or floor. As well, the wooden construction was painted and last week Ovidiu re-gilded the wrought iron gates which delineate the area of the sanctuary. It was possible to once again obtain some excellent photographs of the work being done and these will be updated as time progresses.

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