Monday, 10 August, 2020

Today was definitely another hot and summery day. As usual for this weather, I try to stay indoors and away from both the sun and the heat. Even so, it was possible to make a short trip next door to the kitchen where there was a wonderful salad in the refrigerator, just waiting to be tasted. It is/was, a combination of buckwheat kasha, mixed vegetables and crumbled seaweed. This was washed down with a large glass of Inka to which had been added a large splash of vanilla flavoured ice cream. Someone had brought some beautiful nectarines from the Okanagan so this was the dessert of choice on this hot and muggy day.

On the weekend I heard a good deal of discussion about the wall and fountain that are presently being constructed at the monastery, but had never actually viewed them. Now seemed like an excellent time to view the progress and maybe get a few good shots with my trusty little camera. From my understanding, when the project is completed, it will mirror the rest stops on Mount Athos, with a fountain of water and little benches on which to rest and maybe give some serious thought to eternity. Having never been to Mount Athos and never having seen the plans, I will just have to wait along with everyone else to view the completed project. In the meantime, it was possible to get some excellent shots of the work in progress and I shall continue photographing the project as it progresses.

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