No, we had no snow this year on this feast day but we had a bit of rain.  I was sorry that I could not attend last night’s service but I knew that if I did go, it would be too exhausting this morning.  Everyone told me how beautiful it was last night with the church filled with people while I was alone in the cottage.  On the other hand I felt rested this morning as Andy helped me across the yard and  up into the church.  For most people it was a work day, yet the church was teeming with worshippers.  Breaking the fast was of little importance when there were a number of people who had come for the first time and it was important to become acquainted with them.  Our long distance parishioners from Washington, Elena and Tri  got back home from last night’s service around 2 am. I especially enjoyed seeing the Nistor family dressed in Moldovian costumes, all six of them, mama, papa, and four children, but they were not alone, as others also wore embroidered shirts and blouses.

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