Thursday, September 10, 2020

Once again, the monastery passed through another hot and steamy day. As always, the day began with the various prayers and then a break for a tall and delicious glass of Inka. While indoors, it was possible to again work on a number of projects that require a bit of concentration. This means that this has proved to be a good time to wash my clothes, then go onto the web in search of various information, such as proper use of the sewing machine, cooking hints, events in the life of the present day Orthodox Churches. I just found out that the Orthodox Church of Serbia is in the process of installing the largest mosaic icon in the world, in the Cathedral of St Sava in Belgrade. There is an icon of Christ in the main dome and a copy of the Theotokos from the Ayia Sofia in Istanbul. Today was the N.A. meeting which has become a regular event at the monastery and is well attended by people of various ages. At the time of the meeting, I received a surprise visit from Kirill and Micha, who stopped by for tea. They came in for a visit bringing ice cream to help lessen the effects of the hot day. It was nice to have them for tea and to spend time talking about various subjects until it was time for them to return to their own homes.

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