Thursday, April 11, 2019

I am writing Thursday’s entry on Friday morning and I shall explain what happened yesterday.  The day felt quite normal until, suddenly, our constant problem occurred.  We had a power failure.  On the way back from town where Vladika had his therapy, we noticed a car lying deep in a ditch.  It apparently had veered off the road and crashed into a power pole. It took about six hours for the pole to be replaced and power returned, but there was yet another problem.  We had no internet access because of this accident, so it took another three hours or so before that was restored, by which time I was ready to go to bed.  The Narcotics Anonymous people met in the hall, as they always do, with a fire in the fireplace and several candles burning to give them some light.  Apparently it really appealed to many of them and why would it not?  Just thinking about it leaves one with a pleasant feeling.  Before we had lost our power, our dear helpers appeared and made a huge potful of borshch for us to enjoy.  There are times when I feel that we are being spoiled, but I will not complain! 

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